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Born and raised in San Diego as the youngest of seven children, comedy and humor were always a part of EB4REAL’s household. He started cracking jokes at the early age of 12 and never stopped. Whether teasing his siblings or making his classmates and teachers roll on the floor with laughter, EB discovered just how much joy could be spread through comedy. Unadulterated happiness is at the core of what EB4REAL continues to do in both his stand-up and radio appearances. Rather than pulling comedy from dark places, he riffs on relatable daily experiences that his audiences connect to. By aiming to inspire, entertain, and enlighten his audiences, EB4REAL has made a career of spreading joy & mirth to an ever-growing fan base. This dedication to positivity enables EB to stand out from the overwhelming number of insult comics, political satirists and vulgar comedians who comprise most of today’s comedy scene.

EB4REAL, a San Diego-based comedian, absolutely embodies his name. His standup is honest, his being genuine, and his talent undeniable.

This is an entertainer who knows exactly who he is and what makes audiences roar with laughter. For the last 17 years, EB4REAL has been making a name for himself as one of the funniest, multifaceted, clean stand-up comedians in the industry.

Inspired by old-school comedians, EB4REAL makes his audiences laugh because his material and delivery are polished and hilarious. His humor is unique and distinctive – No one else sounds quite like EB4REAL. A consummate professional, EB commands the stage whether he’s headlining or stealing the show at an open mic night. He understands that hustling for gigs, honing material, and rehearsing sets are how passionate comedians make it to the top. This relentless drive allows EB4REAL to make an impact in his community. Regularly performing up and down the coast of California, catch EB4REAL on stage looking fly and cracking jokes for a night of uplifting and unforgettable comedy.


Moreno ValleySouth Gate
12-9Van Nuys Comedy Club Springbok9pm
4-4Pizza N' Jokes8pm
4-24All Star Comedy Jam7:30pm
4-26Candidate Mixer & Membership Drive / Clairemont Democratic Club6pm
6-28South Gate The Comedy Post9pm
7-15Van Nuys The Van Nuys Comedy Club9pm
Date: 11-2
Location : Laugh Factory, San Diego


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